Background Checks

When you’re making decisions about a new business relationship, hiring a new employee, entering a new partnership – or even a new personal relationship, knowledge is everything. Without complete insight, seemingly robust decisions can be full of unknown risk.

At True Diligence Limited, we take a focused and objective approach to background check investigations and enquiries. Transparency is the outcome our clients are looking for, and it’s also the way we do business – with an independent, open, and pragmatic attitude at every stage.

Practically, in performing background check investigations, we combine a range of different methods, from access to essential databases to more traditional hands-on investigations. Much will depend if our enquiry is ‘covert’, or if the subject is aware of our enquiries.

Throughout our investigation, we’ll concentrate our attention on the areas that are most important to you and your decision-making – a tailored background check investigation with relevancy at its core.

How we can help

Our previous clients are hugely varied – from professional services firms and a range of large organisations, through to private individuals. It may be a background check investigation into a new employee, or a background check into a carer, nanny or babysitter. We can go further afield, and look at those who you might strike up a relationship with.

It’s this wide experience that guarantees the highest service standards – fast, efficient, and accurate. In addition, our experience allows us to provide competitively priced services irrespective of our enquires are focussed on businesses or individuals. Our background check investigations are quick and our reports are clear.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and find out more about how we can help you with your background check investigations. We can provide a quotation for you quickly and get started straight away.

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