Transparency & Governance

We are able to conduct organisation transparency investigations and prepare professional reports with suitable recommendations for clients to adopt, be they local government, established businesses or global corporates. More recently, we have been preparing to assist with the provision of s54 Modern Slavery Act 2015

We are able to identify suitable recommendations for our clients organisation to adopt specifically in respect of accountability and transparency; but also to assist in ensuring that these recommendations are implemented across the organisation; we will identify material linked to accountability and transparency and assist you make them accessible to members of the public or across the organisation.

The type of work that we may conduct includes looking for slavery in supply chains (a la s54 Modern Slavery Act 2015) by conducting a supply chain audit/review and prepare the necessary policies, procedures and statements for compliance in this new area of the law.

We also are able to look at workplace culture and fraud risks, such as preparing fraud risk assessments and fraud risk plans, as well as ethics reviews. We also assist drafting codes of conduct, publicly accessible transparency reports and procedures/processes surrounding transparency and accountability.

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