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Founded by Josh Cocklin, True Diligence Limited are specialists in providing advice and representation in regulatory and compliance matters.

We cover everything from conducting due diligence investigations and implementing effective governance and risk management systems to providing advice and representation in respect of legal, regulatory and compliance matters, particularly in respect of healthcare and pharmaceutical clients. And while we’re based in the City of London, our work often takes place on an international scale.

But it’s not just what we do – it’s how we do it.

For the most part, the work that we do is based on human relationships. The ability to understand people, elicit information, and communicate effectively is essential. So we put people at the front and centre of our strategy, from the hands-on experience of our highly experienced  team to a direct point of contact with someone high up the food chain.

And when you make contact with us, you won’t find yourself speaking in corporate riddles or management speak. We’re a pragmatic, no-nonsense team that understands that you haven’t always got time to hear about our methods – when what really matters to you is the result.

Our experience.

Our global experience crosses several core areas including: regulatory, legal compliance, due diligence and governance. We have worked across Europe, such as in France, Germany, The Netherlands – right the way through to Africa, such as in Kenya.

As a team, we combine our practical, hands-on investigative experience with proven operational and leadership abilities. Everyone in our senior team has a minimum of eight years experience in our respective fields – and our team enjoy professional memberships with organisations like the Fraud Advisory Panel, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, to name but a few. Our team takes its professional development seriously – it means we can stay ahead of the curve.

Our clients.

Our clients range from businesses with annual £20 million turnovers to companies turning over in excess of £250m per annum. From City law firms, to pharmaceutical wholesalers and regulated professionals (including healthcare), through to international exporters; we pick our clients carefully. With varying requirements across due diligence and regulatory compliance issues our clients depend on our agility and ability to match our expertise and experience to their needs and requirements. We are trusted by many as strategic partners, fact finders and the voice of reason. We are here to help.

Client Quotes

“Since we started our relationship with True Diligence, our board of directors have had complete confidence that we have a robust approach to compliance. True Diligence gets beyond speculation to a point where we can deal with certainties.

Working with True Diligence lets me sleep soundly because Josh knows the lay of the land. He understands the legislation and our exposure, and in many cases he can make early judgement calls based on his insights.”

Paul Fitzgerald, Barry Group

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