Due Diligence Investigations

When you’re making decisions about your suppliers, your partnerships, or your business strategy, knowledge is everything. Without complete insight, seemingly robust decisions can be full of unknown risk.

At True Diligence Limited, we take a focused and objective approach to due diligence investigations. Transparency is the outcome our clients are looking for, and it’s also the way we do business – with an independent, open, and pragmatic attitude at every stage.

Practically, in performing due diligence, we combine a range of different methods, from access to essential databases to more traditional hands-on interviews and investigations.

Throughout, we’ll concentrate our attention on the areas that are most important to your organisation and your decision-making – a tailored due diligence investigation with relevancy at its core.

How we can help

Our previous clients are hugely varied – from professional services firms and a range of large organisations. While their goals are often similar, the regulatory standards they must comply to are not. As a result, we’ve gained experience across numerous compliance issues, including the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

It’s this wide experience that guarantees the highest service standards – fast, efficient, and accurate. In addition, our experience allows us to provide competitively priced services across both due diligence investigations and designing internal systems, processes, and procedures to assist compliance. Our experience in conducting due diligence investigations has taken us across the globe.

Why not read a guide Josh Cocklin prepared for the Fraud Advisory Panel, titled due diligence on UK based third-parties.

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